Designed in the heart of horse country, ethically sourced and responsibly manufactured in the USA. Our attention to detail—fit, fabric and style —is second to none. Renegades in an industry steeped in tradition, we work tirelessly to design sophisticated equestrian lifestyle apparel that transitions seamlessly from the barn to the street. 


Our mission is to be the antithesis of fast fashion - classic styles transcending trend and season, carefully crafted to last.  Quality not quantity.  Like your favorite pair of jeans we want our clothes to become your go-to favorites you wear season after season that only get better with time.


We source our fabrics from the some of the finest mills in the world that are committed to environmentally responsible raw material sourcing and manufacturing methods. Whenever possible we use sustainable fibers like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and linen.  We are equally committed to using branding and packaging materials that reduce the impact our clothing has on the environment. Our woven labels are made from recycled yarns and we only use shipping materials that are made from post-consumer materials and can be easily recycled or reused after use. 


 It is important to us that the craftspeople that make your clothing work in a safe environment and are compensated fairly for their time and talent.  That's why we manufacture our collection in the USA in the heart of Los Angeles's garment district. 


We set out to create luxury clothing that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  We source the highest quality fabrics and materials and use high-end construction and finishing techniques to create garments that you will love to wear and will stand the test of time. We sell direct-to-consumer so that we can provide fair pricing without the high retail markup.